Improve your business by supporting your databases with remote DBAs.

You can now focus on other vital business requirements by hiring experienced DBAs.

What can you expect from our professional DBA services?

The health and reliability of your corporate database is vital to the smooth running of your business and must be monitored and administered at a consistently high level.

SQLTeam Expert Team:

  • Will examine your database servers and assess their health.
  • Perform necessary maintenance procedures, create backups, and eliminate bottlenecks.
  • Configures the monitoring process in remote DBA mode.
  • Will monitor database servers around the clock to ensure maximum performance.

Our administrators have many years of experience in administering all versions of MSSQL Server.

Let us know about all your database requirements.

How technically prepared are we?

We have years of experience administering hundreds of terabytes of databases, 24/7, all year round.

Our team of experts is always ready to help with your needs for a quality DBA, as well as advice in difficult situations.

The experts are well trained and provide the highest quality services in areas such as:

  • Safe updating of the software part (service pack, release), as well as the choice of hardware for better, more reliable and stable operation of all systems.
  • Setting up backup systems, as well as restoring working data on staging servers.
  • Monitoring and logging the operation of databases, carrying out load testing, identifying and eliminating system bottlenecks.
  • Identifying and resolving replication problems.
  • Maintenance of databases and clusters.
  • Database performance tuning.

We work with businesses of all types and sizes, covering all DBA needs.

Our professionals will discuss your DBA requirements and explain how we can take all the worries of your DBA away, saving you time and staff for other vital business issues.

If you would like to know more about our full range of enterprise DBA solutions - let us know today.

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