Database and software development

SQLTeam boasts a wealth of experience in data-centric software development and database services on all versions of SQL Server.

By analyzing the goals of your business, the characteristics of the market in which your business operates, and your target audience, we can create specialized database systems that meet your specific needs in terms of quality, efficiency and competitiveness.

Examples of methodologies we use for database development include Scrum, XP, and Agile. This allows us to receive constant feedback from customers and therefore gives us the flexibility to adapt to any changes in customer requirements throughout the entire development and monitoring cycle of the database.

About the development of databases and software for them

We offer:

  • Database application development for:
    • Desktop
    • Of the Internet
    • Mobile devices
  • Database Consulting
  • Relational database design
  • Database support services

Customizing existing database solutions

If your company is already using a specific database solution, we can take care of the following:

  • Optimizing performance
  • Introducing new features to your current database
  • Adapting the database to the needs of your growing business

Database interface development

If end users work with your database, they will need a user-friendly interface. We create database interfaces based on web technologies, mobile and desktop technologies. Our professionally designed interfaces allow end users to easily and efficiently interact with the database so that users can easily complete their tasks.

Here are our basic design principles for a database application interface:

  • Allow users to perform their tasks efficiently
  • Meet user expectations
  • Take a comprehensive and intuitive approach without training

Database Development Life Cycle

Unlike the software development lifecycle, dealing with the database development lifecycle is often problematic for many software companies. Over the years in database development, we have created, tested and implemented an outstanding approach to database development. It consists of operational and technical aspects, which are highly dependent on each other when we need to create the perfect database for a real business. Here are the key stages in the database development lifecycle:

  • Collecting requirements
  • Creating an ER diagram
  • Creating a database model
  • Creating GUI Screens for a Database Application
  • Creating structures in the database
  • Complete script to create all database objects
  • GUI Database Integration

After completing the above steps, the entire system is extended with new features and changes on an iterative basis, while keeping the database and application code in sync. All updates are performed with rigorous quality control procedures and can be automatically canceled.

Performance and scalability

We pay close attention to database performance and scalability from the very beginning of development. Since the proper architecture of the system is created at this stage, we make it in such a way that we can scale the system as the business grows. This, in turn, easily adds new features as well as modifies existing settings. Ultimately, this process leads to significant savings, ease of development and the possibility of better service in the future.


We always strive to create databases that use the equipment in the most efficient way. A properly designed database can save a lot of hardware resources when compared to a system created by an amateur developer.

We select the database hardware that best suits your business needs (for example, cloud, virtual or traditional servers).

Migrations and Updates

We provide the following data transfer services

  • Migrating data from legacy systems to new ones
  • Collecting data from different sources into a single repository. Source data formats are presented below, but not limited to this list.
  • SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Clickhouse, Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, Firebird, Excel, CSV, XML and more.

Our database update services

  • Updating legacy systems to new versions of popular database engines
  • Transition to new equipment
  • Cloud migration



  • SQL Server
  • SSIS
  • SSRS
  • SSAS

Database applications

  • ASP.NET Web Forms
  • WPF
  • SilverLight
  • Windows Forms

The Business Value of Custom Database Development

Benefits of customized database solutions

We create customized database solutions that meet your specific needs and business requirements. By using our database development services, you will receive a system that maintains and strengthens your business processes. This means that you no longer need to be limited to off-the-shelf software.

It is important to note that our database solutions are not limited by the number of user or server licenses like most out-of-the-box systems. Thus, you only pay for the initial development of the system; afterwards you can use it for years, add new users and install on new servers at no additional cost.

We will make sure that your database is fully tailored to your specific requirements. We build systems in such a way as to easily adapt to your changing business requirements during development - even when the project goes to support.


  • Production
  • Building
  • Trade
  • Telecommunications
  • Services
  • Finance
  • Tourism

Our experience

We have created databases for various companies from small businesses to world famous corporations. Our clients have significantly improved their business processes, which, of course, led to increased profits and budget savings.


We are very flexible in terms of pricing. We offer our clients pricing options with fixed price, time and materials.

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