Implementation services

If your company is already using a database solution, we can support it, make adjustments to it under certain conditions, and provide training.

SQLTeam recognizes that fast, high-quality implementation tailored to customer needs provides a real competitive advantage.

Our team consists of highly qualified database specialists with solid experience in the IT industry. Therefore, we understand that the implementation of IT technologies is one of the cornerstones of modern business success.

The implementation methodologies we use are driven by the client every step of the way. This allows our remote DBAs to customize your database systems to suit your business needs.

Our database services are based on the fundamental business idea of exploratory analysis. As a result, we can fully understand the needs of our customers. In addition to introducing new software, our methodology allows us to maintain and optimize customer programs, even if they come from standalone vendors.

We highlight company-related critical procedures in the context of the broader picture. Our database specialists use IT solutions to automate operations, especially within those operations. Our database specialists create documentation with clearly defined regulations describing the procedural order of the automated processes. Our Remote Database Administrator services provide an overall standardization of the day-to-day operations of your enterprise (determination of procedural best practices) and incorporate them into the IT solution in the order of most frequent use by each participant.


At SQLTeam, we understand that training is vital to maintaining customer satisfaction. Our training begins with the implementation of the project and continues as long as necessary. We also offer complete documentation about our products to all our customers.

Support service

Because we understand that your business software will require technical support, we are committed to providing you and your business with reliable, operational support.

Why us

  • World-class technical talent
  • Collective knowledge
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Security and privacy
  • Transparency
  • Focus on Database Consulting

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